Leavin’ on a jet plane


I’m terribly sad to be leaving this beautiful city and a new assemblage of friends and colleagues who I will forever cherish. My time at UNSW has been eye opening in so many ways, from the culture of collaboration in my host lab and department, to the suite of new critters I encountered (link), to the daily evidence of ecology and evolution that abound when one first becomes acquainted with life in the opposite hemisphere (link). My EAPSI host, Emma Johnston, has provided inspiration and ideas that will keep me motivated for much time to come. With luck, that motivation will be matched with interesting findings from the stable isotope and genetics data we’ve collected.

Top: Sydney Opera House as seen while underway to Gore Cove, one of our field sites. Bottom: Side of our SIMS-based research vessel, heading west past the opera house and towards Balmain, another inner-harbor site.