urbanmarineecology.org is a free resource for city planners, architects, and concerned citizens interested in building resilience, marine biodiversity, and social and ecological sustainability in coastal cities through ecologically-informed shoreline design.

The site was founded in 2012 by Dr. Eliza Heery, a marine ecologist specializing in urban ecosystems. Its purpose is to provide the most up-to-date science relating to sustainable design of urban waterfronts in a free and accessible manner.

We live in dire times. Sea level rise, rapid declines in biodiversity, and widespread degradation of ecosystems are unraveling both the resilience of and our connection with the natural world.

This is particularly evident in coastal cities, where the marine environment is being negatively impacted by urbanization, coastal development, shoreline armoring, and sea level rise adaptation efforts.

Yet, it is entirely within our power to construct urban shorelines in a way that facilitates diverse, productive ecosystems that serve as assets for conservation and for urban communities.

Because of recent advances in ecological engineering and urban marine ecology, we have the tools needed to transform urban waterfronts into vibrant and resilient environments. We now need to put them to work.

urbanmarineecology.org aims to accelerate uptake and implementation of design strategies that counter environmental challenges at the land-sea interface.


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