How does seeding and targeted enhancement work?

Novel substrates in the marine environment are subject to natural processes of succession, whereby competitively dominant species overtake opportunistic and poorly established species over time. Seeding preemptively populates novel substrates … Continue readingHow does seeding and targeted enhancement work?

What is ecological enhancement?

Ecological enhancements are design features, retrofitting structures, or stand-alone units that ameliorate conditions for marine organisms. In urban marine environments, ecological enhancements  are primarily aimed at increasing biodiversity, supporting functionally important … Continue readingWhat is ecological enhancement?

What is underwater light and sound pollution?

Light and sound are introduced into the marine environment from a variety of human activities, including coastal construction and development, shipping, oil and gas extraction, marine renewable energy, military operations, … Continue readingWhat is underwater light and sound pollution?

What makes an urban synanthrope?

Synanthropes often share several characteristics: They are typically generalists –their diet varies according to what’s available. They are often opportunistic, “r-selected” species (short lifespan with high reproduction rate – think … Continue readingWhat makes an urban synanthrope?